About Us

We are eCommerce builder specialists. Our 3 defining concepts are Optimizability, Speed & Security.


We make our sites easy to make friendly for search engines with many optimization options hard coded into our our builder.


With features like auto caching and image optimization already built in we help your site to run faster and more efficiently.


Every site gets a top tier SSL security encryption and a network that prevents brute force, phishing, and key logger exploits in our platform.

Our story

It all started when our favorite building platform suddenly doubled in cost. We said to ourselves, “We can do this. We can do this even better.” So, we did. and eMentorBuild was born.

Using a heavily modified WordPress back end; we have created a builder that is easy to use and lightning quick to get running. 

Today we have thousands of websites on our plat form and more being added daily.  We are your one stop shop for search engine friendly website development. 

Just bring your desire to succeed and a solid work ethic. From there, we will help to provide the rest.